Beefy Bifold

Maximize large openings with Beefy Bifold doors from Andersen. With a robust design, their heavy-duty hardware system supports larger door panels without sacrificing ease of operation, opening a space to the outdoors effortlessly.

• Up to 40′ wide and 13′ 6″ tall, with panels up to 5′ wide
• Wood, aluminum or aluminum wood-clad construction
• Center-pivoting design with internal shoot-bolt locking hardware
• Panels stack perpendicular to the wall to maximize the size of the opening
• Door jamb is less than 4″ wide and can fit into almost all existing wall conditions


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Big Doors Product Guide For Professionals

Created for trade professionals, product guides provide high-level overviews of the features and options available with each Andersen® product series. Additionally, they include detailed information on the construction of each product type, along with sizing charts and section details. Product performance data is also included.